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Sanatorium has got 35 places of accommodation in 20 double rooms with bathrooms and single and double rooms with washbasins, including a satellite TV access. The building was erected in the XX century and has got three storeys. A numerous number of rooms are provided with balconies, looking out onto a newly restored spa promenade. In the vicinity of the building you can find a fully lit car park. The distance to the SPA House and the Natural Medicine Centre is about 30 meters, the distance to the canteen is about 80 meters, and the distance to the gym is about 50 meters.



Sanatorium ‘Halina’
Aleja Niepodleglosci Street 1
58-330 Jedlina Zdroj
Reservation in reception, tel. 074 845 52 86 ext. 56
or The Office, tel. 074 845 52 86 ext. 33